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How to Use our Twitch Clip Downloader

Learning how to download twitch clips has never been easier!

Ttvclip understands how important it is for us fellow gamers to be able to access the live streams on twitch that we never want to miss. But let’s be honest, there are time when you may not be able to watch your favorite streamer when they go live. Well, we have got a solution for you. Ttvclip provides our users the option of being able to download twitch clips.

We will guide you through the process of on how to use our twitch clip downloader and adjust the start and end of the video, so you can watch your favorite parts.

The first step is to copy the video link from You can access and copy the link, if you are using a browser, play the video you want to download through the site. Once the video starts playing, copy the link from the browser address bar by right-clicking and select copy. You can also find the link through the Share button below the video and copy the link that it shows.

After you have the copied the link in your clipboard, click on the white box on our website’s main page and paste it on there. Press enter and you are ready to go. From Twitch clip to mp4 in a matter of few seconds!

About Us

Being avid and dedicated gamers who love to watch streams of gameplay, the importance of twitch clips is not lost on us. Ttvclip is a twitch clip downloader prides itself in being a platform that is working towards providing gamers like us to be able to watch the twitch streams of our favorite online gamers out there. This website was created with the purpose of bringing us all together by allowing our users to download twitch clips. The vast amount of data used in streaming the twitch clips can be too much sometimes and we totally get that. This is why we enable our users to save twitch clips, going from a twitch clip to mp4, with just a few clicks. Our site allows for the users to select the specific parts of the twitch clips that they want to download and see without any interruptions or internet issues.